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The lexigrams, abstract symbols representing words, that are used today by the bonobos at Bonobo Hope Sanctuary resulted from the early work by Dr. Duane Rumbaugh and the chimpanzee Lana at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta. Creating lexigrams and connecting them to a computer revolutionized ape language research and led to the establishment of the Language Research Center at Georgia State University. This development of nonspeech communication has also assisted people with learning disabilities. Today, the lexigram panels used by the Trust bonobos represent nearly 400 words.

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The Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary in Des Moines Iowa is dedicated to the conservation and protection of Great Apes worldwide as well as responsible and sustainable research aimed at uncovering the evolutionary origins of human behavior, cognition and communication. We further aim to use the knowledge we gain from studies with great apes to better humanity.
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